Students & Teaching

I currently teach the following courses for Academic Session 2015-2016:

 ME-E4200 Experimental User Interfaces.  Link to Course in MyCourses (only works with Aalto Login) : The course focuses on alternative paradigms of interaction beyond the touchscreen mobile devices we commonly assume (e.g Tangible and Organic User Interfaces. Virtual and Augmented Reality) and how we can incorporate all human sensory capabilities within these (Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, Sound). The course has a short number of lectures, but is largely focused on an open-ended design exercise where students work to develop a working novel interactive interface to sole a particular challenge. The course is primarily Master’s Level. 


PhD Students

   I currently supervise the following fine PhD students

Tuomas Vaittinen Understanding User Needs in Environmental Exploration (expected submission 2016)

Beatrice Monastero Uncovering Sense of Place (expected Submission 2019)


Want to work with me?

I am also available to supervise new PhD students in areas of my interest. Generally the issue is where funding comes from. There are usually a few competitive positions available on HICT ( twice a year. If you intend to mark me down as a potential supervisor, it is worth dropping me an email first. I am also available for Masters supervisions. If you are interested in doing a Masters thesis with me, mail me your transcript and statement of interest and I can mail a list of potential topics that we can discuss.  I also supervise a few Bachelors level projects each year.


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