David McGookin Aalto SCI photo by Lasse Lecklin 06

David McGookin

I’m an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University in Finland. Previously I was a lecturer at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and previous to that a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Multimodal Interaction Group at Glasgow. My research focuses on  how we can better engage with each other and the nearby environment through multimodal (multisensory) technology. I am also interested in accessibilty and novel interaction. I am currently leading Aalto’s contribution to the ActivABLES project.  I lead the Multimodal and Nomadic Research Group (MING). Our work is supported by Academy of Finland and Nordforsk.

Whilst I maintain a list of publications, these are mostly out of date now. Google Scholar captures most, and you should be able to get a paper of mine from there 

Research Team

I lead a fine team to develop research in this area. In general I’m always looking for more. If you want to do a master’s or bachelor thesis in the group, please get in touch


Laura Maye – Working on the ActivABLES stroke rehab project

Mikko Kytö – Working on the ActivABLES stroke rehab project

Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas – Working on our Academy of Finland project “Digital Aura”

PhD Students

Beatrice Monastero – Working on performative interaction for social awareness

Felix Epp –  Working on our Academy of Finland project “Digital Aura”

Tuomas Vaittinen – Writing up on supporting effective environmental navigation


I’m currently teaching the Bachelors HCI course (CS-3120) and the Master level Exploratory User Interface course (CS-E4200) at Aalto. Teaching material can be found on the MyCourses page .

For more information, please contact me: 


twitter: @numptygeek

skype: mcgookdk